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psiphon for pc

Download Psiphon Apk

Psiphon is an android app which makes to use the internet above the limits. Psiphon apk is available for windows, iPhone and other devices as psiphon 3 for pc, psiphon 3 for windows and psiphon for android. Basically, psiphon is an open source tool which is designed to cover millions of internet users all over the world. It turns your computer into a proxy server and provides the user what they need to do and finally, it will enable the sites that are not accessed to you. Follow this article completely and get the free psiphon apk for android and windows mobile also free download psiphon pc is given in this tutorial.


It provides a psiphon server between the client so that the encrypted connection is established which cannot be disturbed. So when you are restricted to a particular site this server will help you to redirect to that site using a proxy, it will not make any changes to your pc when you are using this apk. This will secure all your passwords and files. Some sites many get your personal data when you use any proxies but this Psiphon will provide a secure connection to the users. Sometimes the necessary sites will be disabled by that countries in such case also you can browse the website.

Features Of Psiphon

Here are some of the best features of Psiphon you can check these features and proceed with this app for android and windows devices. This app can be installed on your Pc windows, laptops and MAC also. It provides a secure connection when you use in mobiles also. Check the latest features of Psiphon from here.

  • This is a best open source project that will let you access all the sites from all over the world.
  • It is free for personal use and for further you can contact the developers for the license.
  • In-app stats tells you how much traffic you’ve used.
  • It can be changed to different modes so that you can choose whether to tunnel you browser or everything.
  • Available in different packages for different versions of devices.
  • Applicable to android, windows mobiles and laptops.

Psiphon Apk:

Psiphon provides the solution for the banned sites, to access the Psiphon on PC and mobiles and apk is required. Here is the Psiphon handler apk which you can download and install on your devices. There are a lot of previous versions of Psiphon but the latest is available for download from here.  You can download Psiphon pro apk from this article.

psiphon apk

Download Psiphon Apk

Psiphon 147 for Android 2.3.2+ APK Download

Once you download this apk file double click on it and accept its terms and conditions, you will get the secure connection with this and can browse any site from anywhere. This is the latest apk file of Psiphon.

Psiphon 3 For PC:

Psiphon 3 for windows requires all the windows versions available in different languages. This file is less MB so that you can simply download and install it on your Pc. Psiphon for windows is available in all the languages so there is no worry to the user to download it. You can download Psiphon for Pc from below link.

Download Psiphon 3 for PC

Now download the Psiphon PC file from above and install it. For that, you need to download the above link and once you download this file double click on it and the app will be installed on your device. Download the Psiphon windows file and click on it finally Psiphon will be on your Pc.

Title: Psiphon PC

File: Psiphonpc.exe

Size: 5.0MB

Requirements: All Windows Versions.

Psiphon 3 For Android:

Psiphon for android is applicable for all the above android 2.3 versions. This is an apk file which can be installed on your android devices, for that you can download the file on your Pc and move it to your android device or else you can directly do Psiphon 3 download on your android mobile.

Download Psiphon 3 for Android

This is the latest version of Psiphon for the android mobiles. It is applicable to all the nexus devices also. Psiphon 3 download will be on your android mobile and it allows you to surf all the websites. If a site is not browsed then exit the apk and again go the Psiphon then the site will be assessable to you.

Title: Psiphon Apk

File: Psiphonpc.apk

Size: 9.0MB

Requirements: Min of Android 2.3 Versions.


Hope you got the Psiphon VPN to all your devices, the apks provided here are the latest apk of Psiphon for android and windows mobiles. All the files can be easily downloaded and installed on your devices. You can check the requirements before downloading the app. Finally, psiphon will be on your PC and mobiles. Like us and share on social networking sites. Visit Best Apks for More Awesome Tutorials and Guides.

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