How to Make iMessage Working on Windows PC

iMessage working on windows PC

Hello everyone, today we are going to know about how to make iMessage on PC Working on Windows PC. As we all know that the iMessage is an iOS application in which you can be able to Chat with your friends, colleagues, clients, family and everyone. iMessage is available for all the iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and also it will work on MAC. iMessage is a default messages app on the iOS devices. But, so many people who are using windows PC want to install this Download iMessage for PC. But, it is directly not possible, so today we are going to know how to make iMessage for windows 10.

iMessage on windows

As we all know that iPadian is the best method through which you can easily access this iMessage on windows. iPAdian is an iPhone emulator through which you can send iMessage from PC in which we can access all the iPhone apps and also the interface will be same to the iPhone interface. The following are the two methods through which how to get iMessage on PC. So, common let’s get into the topic.

How to Download iMessage on windows 10 Using iPadian

iPadian is the best iPhone emulator, by using this we can be able to download the iPhone apps into the windows. So, in this process, I will tell you how to DOwnlaod and use this app to use iMessages on your PC. Read the steps given below carefully to download the iMessages on Windows PC. Also, know how to Create your Own Pokemon here.Create your Own Pokemon here.

iMessage on PC

Steps to Download

  • Firstly, we have to Download and Install iPadian on your windows PC. Click on the link below to get the app.

Download iPadian.exe

  • Now you can see a window, in that click on “Run“. THne this iPad will start installing on your windows PC.

download ipadian for windows

  • Once the Installation finishes, then you can see the app directly opens on the screen.
  • In the emulator, you can see different apps and also looks like the iPhone home page.
  • In that, you can see the iMessages app logo. Click on it to open it.
  • Now, it will ask your Phone number and name which are associated with the iMessage account.
  • If you give the correct details then your app will be successfully opened. That’s it guys, Now, you can enjoy the iMessages on your windows PC.

Use iMessage on Windows PC Using Chrome Remote Desktop

This process is very useful for the people who had both mac and windows PC with them. This process includes a chrome extension through which we can remotely use the Remote Desktop, it works just like the TeamViewer app. The following are the steps given, by following this you can Easily use the iMessage.

Step 1: Make sure that you have the Mac and windows with you. These both devices are needed to use your iMessage on Windows PC.

chrome desktop connection

Step 2: Now, Download the Chrome Remote Desktop on both the computers, i.e., Mac and Windows.

Chrome Remote Desktop Extension

Step 3: Once the apps are installed on Both the computers, then click on the icon to launch the app.

Step 4: In this step, you have to install the extension for the Mac also. Once it is installed you are ready to use. This is the best extension, to remotely view and access the computers.

Step 5: Once you open it, you can see a code to connect both the computers. Enter the code and connect both the computers. Then, get started.

remote assistance chrome remote desktop

Step 6: Well done! enjoy the iMessage working on windows PC.


So, friends today we have given detailed description through which you can use iMessage working on Windows PC. The above given are the two methods through which you can easily use the iMessage app on windows PC without any Error. Thank you for Downloading the app and also for reading this article. Thank you so much for visiting our website, Keep visiting for more updates on best apks and all other stuff.

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