How Does Hulu Work and Hulu Pricing

how does hulu work

Hulu is a video streaming service, that uses the internet connection to stream the movies and tv shows for free. But this app is not completely free, it requires hulu price. For that you can see the hulu plans which we are going to list in this article. Many of the users don’t know how much does hulu cost  so they all in confusion and don’t know to opt for the best video streaming. Among all the other this hulu subscription cost is worth. Before going to check the hulu cost and hulu plus cost we are providing what is hulu and how does hulu work.

how does hulu work

What is Hulu and Hulu Plus

Hulu is a free streaming service that allows you to watch the movies, tv series etc for free. This app was formed as a joint venture by the companies including disney, Century Fox, time warner etc. It was founded on 2007 and was originally launched to stream the tv content on computer. In this you can see the previous episodes of all the tv series and many more. Some of the movies are also presented in this, so that why this app has the worth for cost of hulu. You can download this app for android and iOS devices.

Download Hulu For Android

Download Hulu for iOS

Hulu plus is the advanced of hulu, it has the streaming movies, tv series and running live tv is supported in this. You can even watch the coming episodes in the hulu plus. But this app is not available for free. You need to subscribe to it.

How Much Does Hulu Cost

Many of the users have a question how much is hulu a month and how much is a hulu subscription. After checking we are giving the hulu pricing in below check out them.

** Hulu costs 7.99$ per month.

Hulu Hulu Plus Hulu Plus
No commencials
Price Free 7.99 $ 11.99$
Commercial Fee Yes
Tv Shows Yes Yes Yes
Access Previous Epidsodes Yes Yes
Access Latest Episodes Yes Yes
Movies Yes Yes Yes
System Access Yes Yes Yes
Smart Tv Yes Yes
Android, ios , Windows Yes  Yes

Now we think most of the users have got answers for how much is hulu and hulu plus price this app is worth for its money.

How does Hulu work

How hulu works is the bigger question. If you are using the other tv streaming apps then it becomes easy for you other wise it may take some minutes you can see what is hulu and how does it work from here. Hulu app has all the movies, tv shows are categorized. You can visit any of the category and then search for he sub categories in it. There is a search option, if you type a tv series name then all its episodes will be listed out there. You can select any one of them and watch. It also has the option to create the favourite playlists. You can add and see them later too.

how does hulu work

This app is designed in a way that even with the ads its service is worthful. You will have the service recommendations for you to watch and gives a lot of related results there. This hulu has a play back option too, when you are using if the device strucks or if you close the app then next time when you login it asks for picking the back up from where you left off.

Requirements of Hulu

  • For android: 5.0 and up
  • Requires 99 MB
  • Supported for iphone and ipads.
  • Can be installed in apple watches

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Hope you have got how much is hulu and how much is hulu plus all the hulu prices are listed out in this article. You can get the app for free for some days but to enjoy all ots features subscription is necessary. May you like this article, visit bestapks for more info.

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