How to Download Videos from Hotstar

download hotstar videos

Download Hotstar Videos: Tricks to Download Videos from Hotstar for your mobile and PC are going to discuss here. Download Hotstar Videos Mobile and Hotstar videos Pc with the methods below. As we all know that Hotstar is one of the best android apps for streaming the online videos. Many Tv shows, shorts and also streaming videos can be easy accessed on your mobile phones. Hotstar is Launched by Star India for streaming of cricket matches But now extended to every streaming like Movies, Serials, and Tv Shows. Here you can also know How to Download Hotstar Videos from PC. Once you download the videos with hotstar downloader you can enjoy the free videos on pc.

download hotstar videos

So Many people love to stream videos in Hotstar because of the Quality videos and it loads faster without buffering. Many people want to download videos from Hotstar on their Mobile or Pc. But Hotstar doesn’t allow to download videos directly. So we are going to show you the simple methods to Download the Hotstar videos on PC as well as mobiles.  After going through the complete method you will not a have a doubt of How to Download Hotstar Videos. We made every step simple to make you understand clearly. You can also download gbwhatsapp for more latest features and its very useful for group messaging

Here are some of the steps given below to download hotstar videos from pc online for free. With this you can free download hotstar app on pc and get the videos for free. You can watch online movies and tv series with this app. There is number of ways to get hotstar video downloader for pc but the best method among them are presented here.

Ways to Download Hotstar Videos on Mobile Or Windows Pc:

We are Going to Show the best possible methods to download the hotstar videos. Here we are explaining 3 methods to download the videos from Hotstar. Simply follow the methods which you need and perform the steps carefully. With this, you can get hotstar downloader online for free.

1) How to Download Hotstar Videos for Windows PC:

In this method, we are going to download the hotstar videos for Pc (You can use the same method to download videos from hotstar for windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Laptops too) using one Software and some CMD command. So simply follow the steps and download the videos from hotstar successfully without any problems. It is 100% working method which I used to know how to download video from Hotstar for free. Let’s proceed with the procedure and know how to download hotstar videos from pc, follow the steps below.

  • First, we should download the Hotstar Downloader Software known as the hotstarlivestreamer.rar file.

Click here to download

  • It is rar file, so extract the file in your Pc.
  • Now Open the Extracted folder and click on the hotstarlivesteamer file.
  • You will see a pop-up of command prompt window. Keep it as it is.
  • Open the Hotstar App and copy the link of the video which you want to download.
  • Now paste the link in the command prompt window and press enter.
  • Just write the quality of video and typed to download videos from Hotstar.


  • The Video will be downloaded on your Pc and you can find it in the downloaded videos of the extracted file.

So these are steps to download hotstar videos for Pc. Follow the steps and you will not face any problem in downloading the videos. Using this method you can download unlimited videos for free.

2) Download Hotstar Videos without any Softwares:

In this method, we are going to download hotstar videos without using any software. This is so simple method in which you can download videos in Mobile and Pc from Hotstar. Simply follow the steps as below

  • Open the Hotstar app and open the video which you want to download.
  • Just Copy the Url of the video.
  • Now go to and paste the Url which you copied.
  • Press enter.


  • In the next page, it asks to select the quality of the video. Just select the quality of the video and click on generate the download link.


  • Within few seconds it will generate the download link. You can download it by clicking on it.

This is the simple method which I recommend you because there is need of any software. You can use this method an unlimited number of times and download the hotstar videos.

3) How to Download Video from Hotstar on Mobile:

This is an official and legal method which we use to download hotstar videos and hotstar video Downloader for Windows from their Latest version of the app. We are not going to download directly into the mobile, but we are going to make it available to watch Offline same as Youtube Offline. Sometimes the download option may be available for some videos. So trying this method is the best according to me. Don’t worry if you don’t want watch videos in offline mode then you can choose any of the above methods. Now you can get the Hotstar video Downloader for PC. Let’s move into the method

  • Download the Latest Version of Hotstar app and install it.
  • Open the video which you want to download and check whether the download option is available or not.
  • If the Download option is available then click on the download button and select your quality. If not available then check the above methods to download the videos.


That’s it, this is the easy method which we follow to download videos from hotstar. So, we can say this is the best hotstar video Downloader for Windows 7.

4. Hotstar Video Download in Mac

Many of the users will check for how to download videos in hotstar in macbook ,but they choose the way they do for the windows devices and finally they cannot be able to know how to get the hotstar download app now for free. But we are here going to show how to download videos from hotstar in mac.

  • First go to hotstar app and check for the video you want to download.
  • Copy the url from the hotstar app.
  • Now visit
  • Paste the url in the fetchfile site.
  • Now click on download video.
  • Simply your video will be downloaded on your macbook.

Thats it you can now do the same process for the ios devices. You can also do this for the android mobiles and know how to download hotstar videos in android phone for free with this site.


These are the best and 100% working methods. These 3 methods are the best and ever lost methods which you can use to Hotstar Video Downloader on your Android Phone or on Windows PC. Feel Free to comment your problem, we will try to solve the problem as soon as possible. Hope you have known that how to Download From Hotstar. Like us and share the post on social media networks. Visit Best Apks for More Awesome Tutorials and Guides.

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