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best apps to watch anime

Hi friends, we all used to see anime in our childhood, there are so many anime which are very famous worldwide. These are nothing but the animation films which are created by Japanese. At first, these anime came from the old art called as a cartoon. These cartoons are modified into Anime and became a popular year to year. These animes will attract all the children and they want to see the animes all the time. So, today we are here with the top 10 list of anime to watch.

best apps to watch anime

In the following lines, let us know what are the best anime sites in which we can see any of the anime of your choice. Before, knowing about the list of anime sites, we are going to give you the top anime apps in which you can get see any of the apps from the internet. let us discuss what is Anime and also what is the origin of the anime in the following lines. Also see, true skate apk for android.

what is Anime?

The word Anime comes from the origin Japanese language which is spelt as “ah-knee-may”. It is used to refer all the animations in Japan. And later the whole world was caught the term calling it as animation. They are many animes evolved after the introduction of the animation industry. Many people have developed and launched so many animation movies and then they became popular. So, today we are going to discuss what are the best apps to watch anime.

There are so many apps which are offering us the latest version of anime. We can watch any of the anime in that apps with the just single tap. We need an internet connection and a Smartphone to watch the latest animes. The following are the list of top anime apps which we can get all the anime at a single place.

Best Anime apps for Android

Here is the top list to watch free anime online. There are many apps available in the android playstore to Download. But, we didn’t know which app will give you best anime shows online. So, today we are here with the list of best 5 apps to watch anime. Check them and install your favourite app and Have fun!


It is the biggest android application which is apt for the anime fans. It contains the exciting and huge collection of apps to watch anime online. You can stream any of the anime for free, but the ads are the little bit annoying. But, if you complete some offer then the app will play the video without ads.

anime watching apps

The most interesting feature is that we can get the subtitles for the anime. This app has also chrome cast support, so we can see all the shows on our Big screen on our TV.



HULU Video streaming

It is also a video streaming app in which we can stream movies, TV and comedy shows and lots more in the smartphone. This app has a huge collection of Animation films and lots more in this app. Here you can stream all your favorite animes and play them instantly, but this needs an internet connection. You can save videos by the Offline feature. It also contains ads, but if you subscribe to the upgraded version then it will remove ads.

anime apps for android

Overall with some backdrops, this Hulu app will stream videos whenever you want and can offline best animes of your choice.


It is a very popular app and also used across the world. This app can be used to download the apk file of the app and also we can watch all the popular movies, trailers, Tv Shows, and animes. When coming top animes this has a huge collection of anime in which we can watch and also offline to watch them later whenever you are not in the network or wifi range.

anime app android

So, we can say this as the best anime online free app. If you are looking for the best anime apps then this will be one of the best choices from the apps.


These are the best apps to watch anime and also the online video streaming apps list in which we can get the brief description of each and every app, if you like this app, then please share it with your friends on facebook and other social media sites, thank you for reading this article. We are delighted to see you on our website, keep visiting for more interesting articles, thank you.

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