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aptoide ios

Download Aptoide ios for iPhone and iPad Devices

Aptoide ios is an alternative app just like google play store. This aptoide ios download will provide you with all the premium apps and paid apps for free. In this article, I wanna share with you about this alternative app store and also I will explain how to get aptoide ios no jailbreak.  If you are an iPhone/iPad user and want to download this app on your device then you have come to the right place.aptoide ios

First, read this article until the end to know what is the exact process of downloading this aptoide ios app market on your PC. Well, earlier this app is only available for Android users but now the latest ios version is released and you can also download it from any site but to decrease your stress I will give you the apk file download link below. After googling play store, Aptoide is one of the largest downloading app stores, but unfortunately, it is not available in our app store presently. But I can give you details about another source to aptoide iPhone download.

About Aptoide ios

Aptoide has been developed in 2005 in Singapore, later shifted to Hongkong in 2011 and got a lot of rising after 2012 due to increasing use of Android devices. Aptoide is a play store alternative, by this one, can use it to download play store apps including premium versions for free. Even on Aptoide, the paid apps are available without paying them a single penny. The application is one of the best alternatives for google play store among all the alternatives available in the market. Since download aptoide ios are not possible through the app store because it violates the policies.

Aptoide ios will work for the jailbreak(non-rooted) Apple devices. People might have the question that is Aptoide available for ios or mac? So here in this guide, I will let you know how to use Aptoide ios to get premium apps for free on our iPhone and iPad. If you are looking for aptoide iPad or aptoide phone then you can download this app from the link given below. Hope this article would help you to download Aptoide Apple devices. You can also know how to download hotstar videos on pc and Android devices.

We all know that Google Play Store is an amazing app. But, many apps which are available on Google Play Store are paid. Also, sometimes due to the countries we live in, Play Store does not allow us to download certain apps. To remove these barriers, apps like Aptoide can be used. Irrespective of any country you live in, all the all available on Aptoide can be download and they are completely free.

How to use Aptoide IOS:

Well, the safe and quick installation of Aptoide for ios will work normally in your phone like other apps function but it will allow you to use the premium playstore apps for your android phone at free of cost. You can also download aptoide for mac devices as we discussed in previous articles this is similar to the anime44 download. One can download Aptoide ios app file from the link given below

As we already mention you that aptoide is an android app that needs complete  android environment where it can work perfectly so if you find any website that claims download aptoide for ios, then it is completely fake and you don’t need to get in their claims, However there are other alternatives that you can use for App store in spite of Aptoide apps browser. For Aptoide Apple app store you can use Cydia but it’s little tricky since it needs jailbreak technique. You can download the Cydia App from the download button given above.

Features of Aptoide iPad and Aptoide ios 

  • May download all the premium mobile apps for Free.
  • You can access Tech support from the official aptoide blog and their forum that is most supportive among all the playstore alternatives.
  • you can use Aptoide ios app from all the countries and there is no kind of restriction not even from China.
  • There are more than 70,000 apps are available over aptoide.
  • If you are using the premium version of Aptoide then you are allowed to create your own app store as well that a distributive place actually means.
  • If the interface your are providing is not easy to use then all the services you are having is almost useless thus, they keep this in their mind and providing the easiest to use interface.
  • There is no hassle of the manual update. Aptoide IOS get updated automatically on your phone along with the apps they are providing also getting updated time to time.
  • If you are using updated version of any app and it is not satisfying you according to your requirements then you can also revert it back to its previous version.
  • All the above-mentioned features are free the most important among all. So the app is free to use.

Aptoide ios no Jailbreak

Well being an apple user you know what jailbreak means, here we are notifying you about how to use Aptoide ios without the jailbreak.  I hope this article would be helpful to you and please share the article along with your friends in order to boost our expert’s team. Let’s Check How to Use Aptoide ios no jailbreak.

To use Aptoide IOS kindly follow these steps and use it without jailbreak your iPhone. To download aptoide you need the Vshare app. Read the below-given steps carefully.

  • Download vshare from vshare.com in your Windows PC. Yes, you need a windows PC to download aptoide for your ios.
  • Now install vshare on your PC and open it.
  • Then connect your iPhone or any ios device to the windows PC using Vshare.
  • Once you connect your ios device to PC, an app called “Vshare SE”  will be installed on your iPhone.
  • open Vshare SE and type “Aptoide” in the Search box.
  • Click on the app to download and Install it on your PC.
  • That’s it your app is Downloaded, enjoy Aptoide on your ios with no jailbreak.

Requirements for the Aptoide ios

  • ipad or iphone with latest ios version
  • safari browser for android.


How to download aptoide ios for Ipad and Iphone

Firstly, this app is not available in the app store, so we need to download another software called vshare app in to your ios. Firstly you need a windows PC to install aptoide on your iPhone. Check the following steps:

  • Download Vshare on your windows PC and connect your iPhone to Windows PC by using Vshare.
  • After Connecting your iPad/iPhone to PC, “Vshare SE” will automatically installed on your iPhone.
  • Just open VshareSE and search for Aptoide on your iPhone.
  • Download and Install the app.
  • Congratulations, now you can open the app and enjoy!!


So, friends hope you’ve successfully installed this Aptoide app for ios in your ipad/iphone. We have done the above method because, Aptoide ios has not been released officially. It’s because no one would want to break into the security of ios officially. This would provoke many questions and issues with Apple, which nobody wants. But if you try the above method, you can easily execute the Aptoide ios download no jailbreak technique. I’m sure you’ll enjoy a lot after downloading Aptoide ios as you will get access to all the latest apps for free. thank you for visiting our website.

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