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Hi, friends anime beast is here again, and today I am going to get you the top rated anime and anime rating list and their Ratings and pros and cons in the form of comments. This is very interesting Anime reviews which are done by our website professionals. And with that results, I am going to give you table of highest rated anime and these are the best-rated animes are given here. The following table represents the anime rankings and also we have given its Ratings and reviews here.

There are so many anime rating about the characters which are representing different anime shows in which you can get the reviews. So that, you can know what is worth for purchase and please read this review below before buying any anime. Here I will give you some codes so that you can understand what is the best anime you can buy.

What is the best anime?


  • Excellent: I will highly Recommend to Purchase
  • Special: It will Need really Special Attention
  • Enjoyable: Worth for your purchase
  • Pain: It is not worth buying because it contains somewhat the painful story.
  • Meh: Not very bad, But not good also. It is in the BorderLine.
  • Suffering: Worst and no worth of buying it.

So, the table indicates the above meanings and also it will give some comments why the particular anime has got this rating and review. So please read the following table and enjoy!

Name of The AnimeRatingComments
Afro Samurai*EnjoyableLots of action and Samuel Jackson. Not much else.
Last ExileExcellentExcellent flight/sky action-adventure show.
AkiraExcellentDo I really need to explain this one?
Amazing Nurse Nanako*MehBest anime OVA series released in Japan
Amon SagaSufferingHorribly bad story and animation.
Air Gear*MehAir Gear revolves around the life of Itsuki Minami "Ikki or Crow
LainSpecialWhy couldn't you be less weird and move the story along a bit more without masking everything?
Alien NinePainAwfully boring girl incapable of overcoming anything...
AnohanaMehNonsense over-drama with very late bonus drama jammed in for DRAMA MAXIMA
Angel Beats*MehToo much cheese and lack of progression/direction made this show unbearable after a number of episodes.
Angel CopSpecialWatch it in English. They blow the dub out of the water. It is horrid.
Legend of Crystania: The Chaos RingMehNice anime to watch online
All-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku NukuEnjoyableCrazy robotic cat girl.
Legend of the Mystical Ninja*Pain Ninja's are too attracting
ArjunaEnjoyableGood to see Avatar of time
Aquarion*PainOne of the top
Animated series
Arcade Gamer FubukiSufferingWhy is the main character floating upside down to play arcade games?
Assemble: Insert*MehGood to see young would-be idol singer and high school student
Arjent Soma*MehBest of all animes
Love Hina*MehNice to see such animes
Banner of the StarsEnjoyableEpic space story!
Armitage IIIEnjoyableIt has decent action but it isn't perfect.
Attack on TitanExcellent Brutally violent, action packed (at times), and generally fascinating.
Azumanga DaiohEnjoyableGoofy and generally fun... but dry at times.
Aria*PainIts a science fantasy manga by Kozue Amano
Baccano!*Meh fantasy caper involving alchemists, gangsters and immortality
Big OMehBruce Wayne runs a big robot? Sign me up!
BTOOOM!PainAnother Battle Royale... just too slow and awkward.
Macross PlusExcellent Big Wars Suffering Stab your eyes out bad.
Banner of the Stars IIEnjoyableEnjoyable More epic space story!
BarakamonEnjoyableEnjoyable little slice of a lifestyle clash
BastardMehUrk, it's a fantasy anime that is a bit too immature.
BeckMehBlah this was nothing like it should have been. Music is awesome. This anime is not.
BerserkExcellentIf only it had a better animation treatment... incredible anyway.
Birdy The Mighty*MehMighty is a Japanese manga series
Big O IIMehSpoiler: It's stupid.
Mars Daybreak*MehBest science-fiction anime series that aired on TV Tokyo
BrigadoonMehAwfully bland story of a girl and her robot.
Boogiepop PhantomMehHype
Black HeavenMehThis web page has more animation than this show. Slow as dial-up.
BloodEnjoyable Entertaining little action romp.
Blood+*MehThe potential for this show was so great... I guess it just could not cut it
Code GeassExcellentWhy are you even reading this? The dude mind controls people and makes them shoot themselves in the head.
Blue Submarine No. 6MehGreat animation backed up by a weak and boring story.
MemoriesExcellentNice to see memories
Burn Up ExcessMehCrazy cop lady with little clothing brings the laughs... sometimes.
Chobits Persocom*MehRobotic girl falls in love with dude. This dude stops watching due to boredom.
Blue Gender*EnjoyableAliens rip-off, it must be good?!
Burn Up ScramblePainCrazy cop lady with little clothing brings the laughs... never.
Burn Up WMehCrazy cop lady with little clothing brings the laughs... sometimes.
Castle In The SkyEnjoyableInteresting adventure per usual.
Cat SoupMehCrazy but not worth re-watching.
ClaymoreMehPotential lost. Utter failure.
Blue Seed MehAlright story and characters but just meh in the end.
Miami Guns*EnjoyableIts a manga anime series
Crusher JoePainGood science fiction light novels
Code Geass R2ExcellentNice with the robotic weapons
Burst Angel*MehNo action and bland story.
DNA2*EnjoyableIts a good science fiction animated series
Corrector Yui*MehNice magical girl anime series
Cowboy BebopExcellentEpisodic show that delivers well in absolutely every way.
Daphne In The Brilliant BlueEnjoyableAn anime with women with little to no clothing somehow delivers an entertaining and interesting show.
Crest of the StarsEnjoyableFirst part of the epic space story!
Crying Freeman*MehThis is hypnotized and trained by the Chinese mafia
Cutey Honey*MehThis is stunning creator out of games
Darker Than Black*EnjoyableGreat old-style art/animation with a great cast of unique characters.
Cyber City OEDO 808ExcellentCity exposed animes
Cowboy Bebop - Knockin' on Heaven's DoorExcellentSlightly slower than the show but still enjoyable.
My Beautiful Girl MariMehDo I really need to explain this one?
Elfen LeidExcellentNothing beats young women slicing each other up. This show is a bit disturbing but fascinating.
Dead LeavesEnjoyableCrazy action and madness comes through!
Deadman WonderlandSpecialExcessively violent and morbid. The potential of the show fumbled a bit with the introduction of way too many "good" characters. At the conclusion very little was resolved directly... but the viewer can certainly imagine.
Diamond DaydreamsEnjoyableEpic stories
Doomed MegalopolisPainBland and never seems to be as sinister as it should be.
Dragon HalfEnjoyableTwo episode anime OVA series
Eat-Man '98MehHe eats metal but does not deliver a rivetting tale. I went there.
Death NoteExcellentWhile there was a rough patch in the middle this definitely was one of the most intriguing and suspenseful anime I have seen.
Eden of the EastMehPlays all with gun and a cell phone loaded
EscaflowneExcellentDelivers everything you need. Lots of twists and turns and a great grand adventure.
Neon Genesis EvangelionMehTeens fight alien war machines
Full Metal Panic (First Raid)MehAwfully pathetic considering the hype. Does not deliver in any way really.
Ergo ProxyMehGoing good ... oh it's episode 4 and I see this is going nowhere. 20 episodes later I want my money back.
Eden's Bowy* MehSeries of publications
Escaflowne MovieEnjoyableA weird remake of the show compressed to a movie.
Excel SagaEnjoyableGreat entertaining situational comedy that does not fail to deliver.
Fatal Fury: The Motion PictureMehOne of the best Motion Picture
Figure 17*EnjoyableSeries featured character designs by Yuriko Chiba
Final Fantasy Unlimited*EnjoyableUnlimited incorporates both 2D animation and 3D graphics
Fate / ZeroMehGood animation, interesting concept, decent writing... but not very often. Should have been a lot better.
FLCLExcellentAbsolutely stunning animation coupled with an insane story.
Fortune Quest*Mehworld's most active online anime
Omishi Magical Theater*EnjoyableFollows the journeys of an apprentice shinigami, or death god
Genma Wars*PainTop science fiction manga
Fullmetal AlchemistExcellentGreat long term adventure with some twists and turns.
GasarakiMehMecha anime television series
Future Diary MehInteresting "game" concept but falls into cheesy anime pitfalls too often.
Gad GuardMehBoy and his robot cannot keep me entertained.
GantzSpecialThe first season dragged so badly they spent an episode arguing on a bridge. At a faster pace this show delivers and makes good on the huge amount of potential.
Gargantia on the Verdurous PlanetMehGood animation, interesting concept, way to slow progression... just did not deliver on the potential.
Gate Keepers 21*Enjoyable six-part sequel OVA series to the Gate Keepers animated TV series
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (Season 2)*EnjoyableAll about a a human who is cyber-enhanced
GTO*Enjoyable Nice anime movie
Giant RoboExcellentGreat old-style art/animation with a great cast of unique characters.
Fruits BasketEnjoyableGreat entertaining situational comedy that does not fail to deliver.
Ga-Rei-ZeroEnjoyableThe first two episodes are deceptive and the rest of the show just fumbles along as slightly better than mediocre.
Generator Gawl*
Enjoyable Do I really need to explain this one?
Geobreeders* MehGood anime
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex*EnjoyableSlightly slower than the show but still enjoyable.
Geneshaft* Meh animation with an interesting story.
Genesis Climber Mospeada* Painanime science fiction series
GankutsuouExcellent Visually enticing and excellent story telling.
Outlaw Star Enjoyable Dreaming of piloting his own ship
Gunparade March* Enjoyable interesting animes
Geo-Armor: Kishin Corp. Enjoyable Best in Using the same alien technology
Ghost in the Shell (movie)ExcellentGreat animation coupled with an interesting story.
Hetalia: Axis Powers*MehPowerful series
GilgameshPainAwfully bland for characters that can blow out walls whenever they fight.
GokudoExcellentGreat adventure-comedy that somehow kept me entertained.
GokusenMehMafia teacher lost me after a couple of very entertaining episodes.
Golden BoyEnjoyableFun stories with twists revealing the wonderful nature of a person.
Gun FrontierSufferingAwful. If I ever see these characters in an anime I will immediately turn it off and run for my life. (I'm looking at you Captain Harlock)
GundressSufferingThe bad movie with little redeeming quality.
GungraveSpecialOn the brink of excellent yet somehow drags out or comes across a bit lame at the most critical points.
Please Teacher*EnjoyableSimple animes to watch
Irresponsible Captain TylorMehAll about a captain
Gunslinger Girl (first season)EnjoyableNice anime movies
Hyper Police*MehDo I really need to explain this one?
Infinite RyviusEnjoyableGood to see these
Innocent Venus MehPerfect animes
Read or Die Excellentanime with an interesting story
Koi Kaze*Mehseries with issue of Evening
His and Her CircumstancesMehAll about musical stores
Jubei-Chan 2MehNot-so-great comedy with way too much resistance to have action sequences.
Jin-RohMehJapanese animated thriller
Jungle de IkkoMehPerfect animes
Jubei-ChanExcellentGreat comedy with a bit of action and drama.
Gurren LagannSpecialAwesome until the final few episodes when everything completely crumbled to crap.
Haibane RenmeiMeh13-episode anime series based on the work of Yoshitoshi ABe
HakkendenMehGood anime
Haunted JunctionExcellentcomedy anime and manga series
Hell Girl*MehI finished the first season and was decidedly done.
Heat Guy JEnjoyable26 episode science fiction anime series
Hellsing UltimateSpecialIncredible but could be boiled down to 4 episodes if all the worthless chitter chatter were cut.
Kaze No Yojimbo*MehPerfect animes
Kodocha*MehGood anime
Knight Hunters, Weiss Kreuz*MehSlightly slower than the show but still enjoyable.
KiteEnjoyableCreepy story with lots of action.
Kite LiberatorPainBoring story with some action.
Kamichu*MehVisually enticing

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Finally, we have given ratings for all the famous anime characters and now you can see the ratings for different kinds of anime. We have also given justification for why the anime got that rating. Hope you have enjoyed this information, you can also share this with your friends and have fun. Also, share your reviews anime ratings and also you can ask any question regarding this article in the comment section.

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